Welcome to Fork Tender! This is my first stab at the land of blogging and I am very excited to share loads of delicious recipes with anyone interested in looking.

My name is Estee and I’m an eater with a passion for cooking. I wake up thinking about food, plan my dinner for the evening while eating my lunch and pretty much repeat this cycle daily. Each day I consider what meals will end up on the table and carefully choose tasty recipes that incorporate the variety of fresh ingredients I already have on hand. For me, being in the kitchen has always felt like the place to be. Whether I was watching my dad whip up some scrumptious meal (no recipe needed) or helping my mom cook a heartwarming Thanksgiving dinner, the kitchen welcomed me with a big hug! My love of baking quickly spiraled into a deep appreciation for searing meats and sauteing vegetables. Over the years I have honed my cooking skills by watching and making. The Food Network has certainly played a role in elevating my knife handling and chopping skills, but I would say my taste buds are the reason I have become a capable cook.

Judd, my trusted partner in crime (and handsome husband), works alongside me in the kitchen and makes every meal more fun to cook and enjoy. I hope we can share some of our favorites with all you food enthusiasts out there!

Why Fork Tender? Because nothing tastes better than pulled pork that falls apart when slightly prodded. Nom!


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