Veggies & Side Dishes


Cabbage Salad with Peanut Butter Dressing
Puréed Cauliflower – The Mashed Potato Substitute
Couscous with Cilantro & Lemon Juice
BBQ Pork Chop, Whiskey Mashed Yams with Tarragon Carrots & Brussels Sprouts
Thai Style Green Beans
Magic Macaroni Salad
Corn Dip
Basmati Rice with Raisins, Nuts & Peas
Mediterranean Eggplant and Barley Salad
Coconut Rice
Stuffed Indian Eggplant
Sugar Snap Pea Salad
Pickled Red Onions
Roasted Corn and Tomato Salad
Browned Onion Poppyseed Kugel Cakes



Dutch Indonesian Peanut Butter & Sambal Toastie
Black Bean Burgers


Beef and Barley Stew with Mushrooms and Aromatic Vegetables
Curried Lentil Soup


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